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These are our jumpers, combos, and our water slide.  These accommodate virtually any participant who wants to enjoy it all.

The Royal Castle
 Participants can jump all they want in this fun castle. Great for children of all ages. 

Welcome to


This is our interactive games page. We have games like Basketball, Baseball, Tee-Ball, Football, Corn Hole Toss and just plain ole' throwing.

Basketball Shoe
Participants stand at a specified line and try to score by shooting into the hoop.


  • Specialize in Inflatables, the Euro-Bungy, and Italian Ice!
  • Have been in business since November 2002
  • Are Licensed and Insured
  • Lease Our Games:  Summer Camps, Schools, House Parties, Block Parties, Daycare Functions, Corporate Events, etc...

Delivery and Pick-up included in rental price. Extra travel fee applied if destination is over 15 miles from zip code 30303.

If you do not have power within 100 feet of our attraction, you will need a generator.  These rent for $75 for up to 6 hours.  A deposit of $25 is required.

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The Euro 


Make your Deposit.

Bounce & Slide!

It is now time to take fun to a whole new level.

Time to jump into the stratosphere!  This is the Euro-Bungy.  You will need this at your next party.  
We can place up to four participants onto to this fun machine.



​Call Carlos Brown
Phone: (678) 508-2758 

Call Sing Brown
Phone: (770) 316-6745 
Fax: (866) 225 2416
Email: carlos@canuplay.net
Email: sing@canuplay.net

Want to Lease?

Please Pay the Deposit for the item you wish to Lease.  Then, Review and Sign this Rental Agreement. clicking this link: Rules & Guidelines Page